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Why is Keswick Fitness the best gig in town?


  • Classes and  Personal training sessions are FUN & Inspirational!
  • 30-Minute classes are easy to fit into your day
  • Programs are fully modified according to individual abilities
  • Women and men are welcome
  • We have a POSITIVE and  judgement-free environment
  • Keswick Fitness will help you attain your goals of weight loss, muscle gain, and overall positive mindset

Balance is key. Strong body, strong mind.


Did you know that being physically active can improve your mental health immensely?

Exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression.

Fitness doesn't need to be your whole life in order to make an impact. Adding a little bit of activity to your day can make your life BETTER by making your stronger and healthier in both your body and your mind.

When your body is strong, your mind can't help but keep up with it!

This Fitness Experience will Improve your Whole Life


It's important to recognize that fitness isn't just about "losing weight", "having a slimmer waistline", or "muscling up". These are all fantastic benefits of working out, but a huge part of our focus is developing a stronger sense of self.

Having the ability to play with our kids without getting winded. Looking in the mirror and truly feeling proud of ourselves and our hard work. Living a longer and more active lifestyle so we can DO MORE with our loved ones.

That's what it's all about.


Bootcamp & Personal Training

Keswick Fitness Boot Camp


During indoor and outdoor classes our members participate in 30 minute classes of high intensity interval training (HIIT), as well as dynamic and static stretching. Classes are developed with a focus on compound  & hybrid movements which engage the whole body, maximizing muscle use and increasing heart rate. This results in a great after-burn effect and leaves you feeling energized and stronger!

Personal Training


If a group setting isn't your thing, or you're more interested in a traditional gym setting, we can do that too. Lisa in a CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist who is happy to offer private or semi-private training sessions and full fitness programs that are tailored to your individual goals.

Just give it a shot.


Making choices to develop a healthier lifestyle can be a challenge, especially if we are stuck in a routine of unhealthy habits. Life is busy, responsibility can get in the way. But remember you have a responsibility to your own health and well-being as well. If you're looking for motivation, encouragement, and support, this is the place for you.


Indoor AM Location: The Keswick Karate Studio, 131 The Queensway South, Units #4 & #5, Keswick, ON 

(Close to the "5 corners")

Indoor PM Location: Two Feathers Yoga, 155 Riverglen Drive, Unit #15 Keswick, ON

Outdoor Location:The field of the Hope For Today Fellowship, 267 Hollywood Dr, Keswick, ON L4P 3W4

(Across from the Home Hardware o

Keswick Fitness: Boot Camp & Training

131 the Queensway South, Georgina, Ontario L4P 3R8, Canada

(905) 868-5589

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