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I'm Lisa.

Based in Keswick, Ontario, I am a Canfitpro certified Personal Trainer (PTS) with a BEd from Nipissing University... and a fitness fanatic! 

Fitness hasn't always been part of my life. I have always dabbled in it here and there, but until only a few years ago I found it difficult to commit to making it a lifestyle... until I understood the enormous benefits of looking at exercise and healthy lifestyle as both a body AND mind experience.

Within the fitness industry I enjoy experimenting with the element of instability, developing strong neuro-muscular connections through coordination and compound movements, and using fitness as an unbelievable outlet for creating a strong relationship between mental and physical health. My greatest passion lies in using both Battle Ropes and Barre to further my own training and that of my clients- the juxtaposition of these two types of training gives me a fantastic appreciation for the balance of strength, grace, and ferocity within my mind and body.

On a personal level, I'm a mom of two amazing kids who keep me on the move and on my toes, and provide me with both life challenges and rewards outside of the gym for which I am forever grateful. Like all moms, I am challenged to keep a balance between caring for myself and my children (which isn't always easy at times). Understanding how busy, stressful, and hectic life can be is something I have truly become a pro at. Things get busy, life can get messy, and we have to find a way to figure it all out.


In one of my hardest times, I learned that exercise could transform my life by offering me an outlet for stress relief- and at the same time help me develop a stronger body and mind that could cope with the unexpected. Exercise saved me. It saved me physically from going down a path toward an unhealthy lifestyle, and it saved me mentally by giving me an outlet for my anxiety, increased social interaction, and a strong sense of being capable of SO much more.

Like most of us, I've had many battles with self-image. I know what strength it takes to push outside of a comfort zone and attempt something new. I know what it's like to be over-weight and "out of shape". I've lived the struggle with my body and my mind.

I am determined to help others catch a glimpse of what a difference it can make to change things up. I want you to feel more positive. More powerful. More determined. And... well, if aesthetics are a kick-butt side effect to these developments... let's roll with that too!

My goal is to help you develop your stronger self, whether your main purpose is to achieve that through weight loss, muscular development, or improving mental health through exercise. I've got your back and I'm here to help motivate you and encourage you on this journey.

We all have hurdles and obstacles, but we have to find a way around them. If we do it together, we will be stronger for it.

- Lisa Tomlinson

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