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Boot Camp Basics

Circuit Training


Looking for something to gain strength, increase endurance and maybe drop a few pounds? Maximize a short, 30 minute workout time with high intensity work outs that get your blood flowing and your heart beating faster!

Circuit training is simply a series of different exercises that target and challenge different areas of the body. Circuits can mean rotating around the space we are working in to accommodate different stations, or simply changing up the exercise during a different interval (set time period).

High Intensity Interval Training


Muscle-building, fat-burning workouts in a group setting motivate you and quickly build confidence. The key word here is INTENSITY (which works proportionately with short periods of rest). With the proper motivation, you can maximize your intensity to achieve your goals and improve your overall health.

HIIT training is an incredible tool for fat loss because of the high intensity level which allows your body to continue burning calories well after your workout!

Compound & Hybrid Exercises


Rather than always targeting specific muscle groups, Boot Camp aims for larger, more compound movements which engage many major and minor muscle groups. This means you are training several muscles and improving cardiovascular & muscular fitness, as well as flexibility all at the same time. We combine different motions into one to work the whole body at the same time.

Dynamic Stretching


Stretching is an important component of excercise and increases joint mobility as well as range of motion. Dymanic stretching (stretching with movement) helps to get your body ready for exercise by activating the muscles you are going to be training and increasing blood flow to those muscles that are going to be doing the hard work.

Static Stretching


At the end of a workout it's important to stretch out the muscles that we engaged within a workout. The lengthening of the muscles helps to temporarily release tension within the muscle, elongate it, and decrease the risk of injury. Static (still) stretching helps to increase flexibility in the muscles that just did all the hard work.

Stress Relief


For anyone with stress in their life (let's face it, that's EVERYONE), exercise is a fantastic natural form of relief. Exercise results in an increase of endorphins (stress-fighting hormones) being released in your brain, as well as helping us to develop a more positive body image, which has a huge impact on our mood. Not only this, but working out in a group environment provides us with encouragement, motivation, and community.

Outdoor Boot camp (starting in the spring)

Outdoor Boot Camp is here (on Tuesdays & Thursdays)! This program offers ALL the benefits of our indoor circuit training with the ADDED bonus of being outside in the fresh air!

Training outside has so many benefits for mental health as well as physical heath, and we are going to make the most of it while the weather is nice.

Expect activities with tires, sand bags, running drills, and of course more calisthenics!

In the event of extreme weather warnings or alerts boot camp will take place indoors at the Keswick Karate studio.