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Personal Training


Whether you're looking for a single session to re-acquaint you with the gym, or a full program to make a big lifestyle change, Keswick Fitness can help you get on your way, and keep you on track so that you remain consistent, challenged, and MOTIVATED.

Personal training options for private sessions include one-on-one sessions at our home studio, with a full assessment, consultation and re-assessment of your goals. Together we will work together to develop a program that is real, enjoyable, and appropriate for you and your lifestyle.


*A combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training (developed according to the client's individual needs an goals)

*Accountability trainer check-ins (via text & phone)

*Access to trainer tips and techniques & nutritional advice via CanFitPro Interractive

*Scheduled ONE HOUR sessions at a local gym or private home studio 

 *Access to a variety of conventional and unconventional training tools and equipment (such as battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, cables, balls, and more)

*Personal option to weigh and measure on a scheduled basis

*Option to participate in all social events taking place with Bootcamp community

**Please note: the option for training to occur within your home environment also available in certain circumstances.

The trainer/client relationship extra special, as we work together to improve your health and fitness level. Please feel free to schedule a FREE consult to learn how Lisa and Keswick Fitness can help you achieve your goals and help kickstart you in the right direction.

For more information contact Lisa at or text/call 905-869-5589.