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From Mary


Growing up I was slim, fit and very strong, but as life continued, it wasn't about me any more, I took a back seat.  After decades of being in the trenches of the ups and downs of life, making ends meet, my commitment to family members when illness stepped in and Constantly juggling work and family, I was behind the back seat.
Today I'm retired, the continuous stress, beating the body down have left its marks. The body is weak and limited in everything now.  Constant pain is the driver to find some kind of relief.... they say motion is lotion, but what can I do, I have some idea what to do, but feel I'm at a loss because I can't do anything any more.   Stuck with a cane for support, what is there for me to do? There are so many "I can't do's". that I can't seem to find the, " I can do", except sit!
I hear about a boot camp my son goes to... it has all kinds of cool stuff going on.  They say it's for all levels... but my level is at sitting speed!  Beginners level is advanced for me. Back and knee pain are a constant reminder that I cant do anything... physio trips are now a regular part of my week.The people at physio have me doing special moves... in order to try and help myself, I joined a gym and continued with these special moves, I added the bike, but I can only sit for so long and then I stretch.  I looked around the gym, at all those workout machines.... didn't know what to do with them!   My son showed me how to work them, as did my brother...but, I needed someone to show me what and how to use these things, "for me."    Then I talked to my son again and he's telling me to call Lisa, she'll help me with what I need, so he sets up my first meeting with Lisa.   I'm nervous, scared and feeling very insecure.  From the first moment I met Lisa, she was amazing, a warm and sincere heart and full of life.  A young woman with a lot of knowledge who would find a way for me to do every thing and anything that I felt comfortable and no pain in doing it.   We sat down chatted about all my limitations and what I could do (which really wasn't much but sit).  I am very over weight, lost a lot of my strength and can not endure anything any more!   I am tired of fighting the bulge because it's a loosing battle.  So my goals are to gain strength and endurance, weight loss will be a nice by-product.   So, with all of that,  Lisa walked me around showing me what I can do.  I started with just lifting the bar and getting comfortable with the machines. I was amazed that I could do that.  My strength was increasing and so were the weights from nothing to 5 then 10-15 pounds on the machines. 
Proof started to show its self in my every day life....When I did go to the store, I would have to find a bench to sit and that's it.   This time I went in to the store.  I was so surprised and so elated that I had gone through half the store shopping. My son and brother were amazed with me!  I couldn't wait to share my good news with Lisa!  
Well my machine weights continue to increase and so did my day to day activities at home!   I found that I would forget where I left my cane because I have run off without it! (🤣🤣🤣)  I now find my list of limitations have decrease, as my strength and my endurance have greatly increased.  I can do a few more things than before   I have a long ways yet to go, but this is so encouraging.
I go to the gym where I now lift 60lbs, (and growing strong)  but, I also go the Keswick Fitness Boot Camp & Fitness studio where Lisa has opened up a whole other world for me, new and exciting excersices like the Battle Ropes.  I have a chair a few feet away for when I need it, but I am capable of doing and loving the battle ropes.  I still have limitations, but they don't seem to be crippling me like they did before.  Lisa has shown and taught me with all the limititations I am facing, I can and I am building my strength and my endurance.  Everyday I see some proof, be it how I feel, how much more I am able to do in my everyday tasks.  Things in my life that I couldn't do are now becoming doable!   The combination of weight machine, battle ropes and all the other goodies Lisa has planned for me, I know will give me the ability not only to have reached my goals of strength, endurance but surpass them.   I am and will be reaping the rewards of my by-products such as weight loss, mood elevation and as of right now, there are no more visits to physio because my back feels so much better, knees are slowly getting stronger and hopefully in time  I will be able to totally ditch my cane!  About the only down fall will be that I will be able to do more shopping which means spending more money, 🤣🤣🤣
With the support of my son and brother to join Lisa Tomlinson's Keswick Fitness Boot Camp & Fitness, it certainly has been the best choice for me! It took me out from behind that back seat and is already gearing me up to put me back into the drivers seat.   👍😎👍

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From Elise

 Lisa is an incredible person and trainer! She’s not only motivating, but she makes sure our posture is right! The best part about this boot camp is you can start at any fitness level. Lisa will modify it to make it suit your needs. Love lisa and her classes!!! 

From Gale

 Lisa Is truly an AWESOME instructor she keeps you motivated and her energy is inspiring! The atmosphere is very positive and I highly recommend this program! 

From Sara

 Lisa is AAAAMMMMAAAZZZZIIINNNGGG 🥰🥰 if you want to be pushed to your max check her out! 

From Natalie

 Lisa is so positive and motivating! I came, having just had my 3rd baby and thought there was no way I can do this! After the first session I felt great, and now I'm addicted! A great workout for any level! 

From Chris

 Such an amazing environment! Very motivational and accommodating for my injury! 

From Diana

 I have really enjoyed the boot camp classes with Lisa. She is a wonderful fitness instructor and really gets you motivated. I have more energy after each workout. The boot camp classes are lots of fun, never the same , so it keeps the body guessing. If anyone is interested in joining a boot camp class, I recommend this one 110%.
Thanks so much Lisa